Just a Little Story That Taught Me a Lot

I want to share a little story…

Yesterday one of my iWriter clients sent me a special request asking to write an article ( at least 2000 words of length) on men’s fashion. I haven’t written for them for a while, so I agreed.
It wasn’t after I accepted the request, when I realized that I had a class at the ILI up until 8.30 PM. I would only have time to work after it was over.

To sum up, I overestimated the amount of time it takes to create an original content of 2000 words. Although I felt exhausted, I couldn’t let down the client who counted on me delivering the article on time. I stayed up until 3 AM working on it, but I made sure the text was written well.

Today I woke up tired and angry at myself for sacrificing my sleep. I regretted to have accepted the request. My family said: “Money isn’t that good, you can make much more at your other jobs…”

Finally, I got an approval of that piece, and for the first time ever I got a tip from the client! I remembered that writing is my favorite thing to do in life. When I saw his 5-star review and an $8 tip, I remembered that:
—Keeping promises is a priority
—Diligence is a mother of success
—Money won’t buy you happiness
—People don’t have to understand your choices, but you do!

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