Red Flags of a Fishy Company—Five Reasons to Pass by the Job Offer

Have you ever put your hopes up for getting the desired job only to find out later that it was nothing but a well camouflaged scam?

Have you ever wondered what are the signs of an untrustworthy company?

I will walk you through the red flags of a fishy company so you won’t make unfortunate mistakes I have made searching for the position of my dream.

Red Flag #1 or Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming

The Incredible Job Offer

A skyrocketing salary, eye-rolling benefits, vacation after 6 months of employment and flexible working hours…just let me know your wildest dreams and I will make them come true! Oh well, I will make you BELIEVE you will get the whole package.

Big difference, isn’t it? But it all starts like the fairytale where you are the chosen one…It’s not easy to resist such an astonishing chance.

You should always question the fairytale job offers. They are intended at luring you into doing their “test assignment” that might be the actual deadline project the employee who failed to finish it on time. So why not to ask someone else do it for them?

You are going to be manipulated and used. You will never pass the test, no matter how good you are. Why? Just because nobody was actually hiring or the competition was fake. Either way, stay away from “sugary” offers that sound unbelievably good. They are no more than sand castles built on illusions.

Red Flag #2 or Catch Me If You Can

The Dramatic Job offer

This sign is not that easy to spot but be attentive during your job interview and you will see it as clear as crystal.

At first all goes well: “your resume caught our attention…”, “we would like to invite you to an interview…”, etc. Then they take, what I call, “a theatrical pause”, playing tough to get. You almost lose your interest and move on to another job offer and here it comes again—”congratulations! You have been selected for the second round of interviews”.

Suddenly, you want this job more than ever simply because you are the lucky one! Meanwhile, you might have been their one and only candidate ( and soon you will find out why.). This employer knows a few things about human psychology and will treat you as the guinea pig for their recruiting experiments.

If you do pursue the opportunity, get ready for the minimum pay, double scale of duties, absence of benefits and vacation time. You have to pay a high price for the job that labels you as “an ideal candidate”. Don’t feed your ego, pass by this amatory performance.

Red Flag # 3 or See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

The Secret Job Offer

This company attracts the job seekers like a magnet. They fly to it like moths to a flame. The office is usually located on the outskirts of the city, mysteriously hidden from the curious eyes of the authorities. In addition, your job duties are being unveiled step by step but never at the time of the job interview.

Salary seems adequate, work environment looks friendly. At first the job appears to be transparent and appealing. So you get thrilled to get hired but feeling less and less enthusiastic as the time passes by, and the whole “picture” gets revealed.

Instead of helping people who can not have children, your boss tells you to write fake reviews on surrogacy forums and create fake Facebook profiles to fool desperate families and make them choose “our clinics for their reproductive purposes” ( even if it’s half-legal).

Moreover, the business you are now the part of, turns out to be “dirty”. I don’t mean the good old money laundry trick ( although it is present), I mean human trafficking.

The best thing to do before considering any job offer is to do a thorough research on the company. Sometimes it helps to avoid dangerous places of employment. The only right thing to do in this situation is to say “arrividerchi” and never look back. And then unexpectedly come across an investigation report on your former employer on the news. And breathe a sign of relief. Been there, done that.

Red Flag # 4 or It Always Pays to Work Here

The Financial Job Offer

Any company that is interested in you on the conditions of your financial investment in it, doesn’t deserve your attention. You are looking for a job to get paid for your services, not to become a money donor for your employer.

It’s ridiculous, but such job opportunities are not rare: “take our survey and find out the best way to cooperate with us on favorable terms”; “you need to prove us your knowledge by taking paid language proficiency tests. You have taken them somewhere else? No, we must be sure, our tests are more accurate”; “you will have to pay for the training, but afterwards you will make much more money, it’s totally worth it”, etc.

It’s not OK, keep looking for the job that gives you a shot because you have already proven you are qualified and capable.

Red Flag #5 or The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

The Con Job Offer

Another obvious sign of an untrustworthy company is a vague contract agreement or even its absence. You should always read carefully every single word of the contract between you and your employer-to-be. Never provide your bank account information or social security number, unless you are absolutely sure you can trust this company. These days scammers are creative, don’t let them deceive you, steal your identity and drain your bank account.

If you are not sure about certain sections of the employment agreement, ask for the professional glance from a reputable lawyer. If a company is not in a hurry to sign the contract with you, then decide whether you have time and aspiration to volunteer. Make your decision accordingly.

Searching for a decent job is tough. It’s often a battlefield but now you know how to win this fight and land the position you want. It will happen sooner or later, Always remember that somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer and don’t ever give up.